10 New Mom Confessions

  1. I do not have it all together. I have no clue what I am doing.. still (I look confident but secretly I don’t know what to do)!
  2. I will wear the same leggings and/or yoga pants for three days in a row. (My yoga pants do not go to yoga..just saying.)
  3. Sometimes I will go two or maybe three days without washing my hair..dont judge (dirty hair equals volume right?).
  4. I am WAY too hard on myself.
  5. I reward myself at the end of a stressful day with a LOT of chocolate.
  6. I worry about crazy stuff like if my childs crib will eat her or something..ok maybe not that crazy, but pretty much. I WORRY about all things concerning my child.
  7. I will leave the house to take a break only to stay gone at the most 3o minutes because I miss her so bad (and my wonderful husband).
  8. Some day’s I am so ready for her to go to bed and then the second she falls asleep I miss her craziness.
  9. I really love this being a mom thing.. God has shown me areas of my life I need work on that I never knew needed work (patience, endurance, patience).
  10. Motherhood helps you stay humble and not get prideful (tantrums in the store, blowouts in public, etc).






xoxo~ Jordan


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