Meal Planning

Hi everyone!

So I really love meal planning. I love having an organized list to take to the store with me when I go. It saves a TON of money to plan out all your meals, and I simply love knowing exactly what I need when I get to  the store.

Funny story.. when I first got married I did not meal plan. I was the aimless wanderer going from aisle to aisle and not knowing what in the world to purchase at the grocery store. I would spend between $70-$100 on our groceries and buy items that did not even go together. This resulted in a lot of frustration while trying to figure out dinner. I quickly realized that I could literally spend half of that hard-earned cash and make wonderful meals for my family.


That image is all the money I wasted at the store before I started meal planning. 🙂

If you sit down for maybe thirty minutes tops and plan your meals for the week I guarantee you that you will save several pretty pennies. I spend around $40-$70 AT THE MOST on our weekly grocery, household, and baby items. I hardly ever reach $70. If I even get close to $70 it is because we ran out of everything we need or we needed a baby item we don’t normally buy.* This includes our items such as makeup, shampoo, and diapers.* We have healthy meals that normally consist of at least two components, and I fix some sort of sweet for the week that we enjoy.

You don’t have to live off of frozen foods if you are on a strict budget!

I know exactly what I need for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. If I have an ingredient left over from last week I will use it for a meal this week. These easy steps will help you save so much money and not waste so much food. I get almost all of my recipes off of Pinterest and lunch is either leftovers or something I can easily put together in the morning before my husband leaves for work. Breakfast is always something simple along with easy snacks.

“There is beauty in simplicity” -Unknown 


I have created a FREE printable meal planner A N D a free printable grocery list. 

They are totally rad and colorful and awesomeness because grocery shopping is no fun without cute lists! 








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