Emotional Mom Moments

I don’t know about all you Moms out there, but I have a lot of emotional “mom moments.” If you are familiar with the movie “Moms Night Out,” then you are familiar with that term. Emotional is definitely synonymous with the word woman.. or at least it should be. We have crazy hormones that can make us cry over spilt milk (literally) or turn into a fire breathing dragon over picking up dirty underwear off the floor for the sixth time in one day. Lets just say that I have to pray A LOT for patience and understanding when it comes to controlling my emotions. Being a woman in general is emotional, but then adding all the messed up hormones after and during pregnancy can really throw you for a loop at times! So anyway, I had one of those moments tonight. It may or may not have been the fifth one this week, but who’s counting?

I was perfectly ready for her to go to bed because of all her fussing and crying so I laid her down in her crib and walked out of the room. I went back in to check on her a little while later and she was sound asleep and looked so angelic in her crib. Then the “mom moment” hit me. I felt the lump in my throat form, and I just wanted to scoop her back up and snuggle her. I felt bad because I had been so ready for her to go down for the night so I could have a few moments of quiet. I instantly miss her sweet babbling and just want her to be up playing again. These moments hit me often. I guess it is because I see how quickly she is growing and how precious these moments are with her. I never understood how a little person could grab hold of your heart so tightly until I had a baby of my own. It seems that every person I meet gives me the same advice, “Enjoy every second because they grow so fast.” I never understood that statement until recently. My baby is starting to look more like a toddler and it is killing me to see her growing up right before my eyes. Or when she is playing all by herself and being Ms. Independent, and I secretly just want her to let me bottle feed her again and snuggle with her all the time. These moments obviously bring the waterworks with them and then I realize that she can’t stay small forever. I can’t help but thank God for each moment I have with her. Life is so short and I know I have to enjoy every second before it becomes a memory. I am raising her to leave home one day and have a wonderful life of her own, so I am enjoying these precious seconds of just her being my little girl.

I would love to only have these heart wrenching and sweet “mom moments,” but sadly I have some unlovely moments too. I know we all do, but these are the moments I have learned that really give you “mom guilt” and make you feel like you really don’t know what you’re doing. Let me give you a hint. I do not know what I am doing, and I am quite convinced I will be learning for the rest of my life.

The baby has fussed all day and you can’t leave the room because panic will ensue when really all you want is to use the bathroom for maybe two minutes just so your kidneys don’t explode. Yeah, I have those moments at times too. You’ve tried everything you know to do and it still does not fix the problem and your child is still screaming.

How about those moments when your kid(s) is driving you crazy and you just fly apart into a million pieces. Everything is completely blown out of proportions and you just can’t take another second of it. You are even mad at the dishes in the sink, because they are just waiting for you to deal with them. I have learned quickly that sometimes I need to walk into another room and pray for patience and take a deep breath.

Or you may be a complete klutz like I am and open the door to let  your neighbor in only to trip over your own feet and fall into the coffee table THEN fall into your childs carseat all while the innocent neighbor is watching the scene unfold. YIKES.


No matter what type of “Mom Moment” you’re having today, I am convinced you are trying your best and doing a great job! Keep up the good work and don’t be too hard on yourself Mama!


Life is full of these Mom moments and I am still technically a “new mom.” That means I have many, many, MANY more years of these wonderful and slightly embarrassing moments to look forward too. Lord help us! 🙂


God Bless!

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XOXO- Jordan


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